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Data Protection & Cookie Policy

Controller as defined by the General Data Protection Regulation ("GDPR"):

Mercedes ServiceCard GmbH & Co. KG ("We")
Mainparkstr. 2 │ 63801 Kleinostheim │ Germany

Chief Data Privacy Officer:

Daimler Truck AG
HPC DTF2B │70745 Leinfelden-Echterdingen │ Germany

1. Data Protection

We appreciate you visiting our website and your interest in the products we offer. Protecting
your personal data is very important to us. In this Privacy Policy, we explain how we collect your personal data, what we do with it, for what purposes and on what legal basis we do so, and what rights you have on that basis. We will also refer you to Daimler Truck's Data Protection Policy:

Daimler Truck Data Protection Policy

Our privacy statements on the use of our websites and the Daimler Truck AG Data Protection Policy do not apply to your activities on the websites of social networks or other providers that can be accessed using the links on our websites. Please read the data protection provisions on the websites of those providers.

2. Collecting and Processing Your Personal Data

(a) Whenever you visit our websites, we store certain information about the browser and operating system you are using; the date and time of your visit; the status of the interaction (e.g. whether you were able to access the website or received an error message); the usage of features on the website; how often you visit individual websites; the names of the files you access; the amount of data transferred; the Web page from which you accessed our website; and the Web page you visited after visiting our website, whether by clicking links on our websites or entering a domain directly into the input field of the same tab (or window) of the browser in which you have our websites open. In addition, we store your IP address and the name of your Internet service provider for seven days. This is for security reasons – in particular, to prevent and detect attacks on our websites or attempts at fraud.

(b) We will store other personal data only if you share that information – for instance, by filling out a registration form, contact form, survey, contest entry, or to execute a contract. In such cases, we will store only the data we are allowed to keep based on consent given by you or in accordance with applicable legal regulations (more information on this can be found in the section titled "Legal Foundation for Processing").

(c) You are neither legally nor contractually obligated to share your personal data. However, certain features of our websites may depend on the sharing of personal data. If you do not provide your personal data in such cases, you may not be able to use those features or they may only be available with limited functionality.

3. Purpose of Use

(a) We use the personal data collected during your visit to any of our websites to make using them as convenient as possible for you and to protect our IT systems against attacks and other unlawful activities.

(b) If you share additional information with us – for example, by filling out a registration form, contact form, survey, contest entry or to execute a contract with you – we will use that information for the designated purposes, purposes of customer management and – if required – for purposes of processing and billing and business transactions within the required scope in each instance.

4. Transfer of Personal Data to Social Plugins

(a) On our websites, whenever we use so-called "social plugins" from social networks like YouTube, we incorporate them in the manner described below: When you visit our websites, social media plugins are deactivated. That means no information whatsoever is transferred to the operators of those networks. If you wish to use one of the networks, click on the appropriate plugin in order to be connected directly to that network's server.

If you have a user account with that network and are logged in at the moment you activate the plugin, the network will be able to detect your visit to our websites and assign it to your user account. If you wish to prevent that, please log off from the network before activating the social plugin. A social network will not be able to detect that you have visited other Daimler websites unless you have activated its social plugin on those sites as well.
When you activate a social plugin, the network transfers the content thus made available directly to your browser, which incorporates it into our websites. In that situation, data transfers initiated and controlled by the respective social network may also take place. Your connection to a social network, the data transfers that take place between the network and your system, and your interactions on that platform are governed exclusively by the respective network's data protection provisions.

The social plugin will remain active until you deactivate it or delete your cookies.

(b) Whenever you click on the link to an offer or activate a social plugin, your personal data may be transferred to providers in countries outside the European Economic Area that, from the standpoint of the European Union ("EU"), do not guarantee an "appropriate level of protection" meeting EU standards for processing personal data. Please keep these circumstances in mind before you click on a link or activate a social plugin, thereby causing your data to be transferred.

5. Processing of Personal Data as Part of Application Processes

(a) Purpose of Processing
We process your personal data as part of application and decision-making processes regarding the conclusion of an employment contract.
No automated decision-making occurs.

(b) Legal Foundation for Processing
This processing occurs on the basis of Article 6, Paragraph 1, letter b of the GDPR.

(c) Recipients or categories of recipients of personal data
Your personal data will only be processed by internal bodies (human resources, the manager for the position, management board). Your data is not transmitted to third parties, except to our service provides as part of order processing.
There is no intention to transfer your personal data to third countries or international organizations.

(d) Retention Period
The data is deleted 6 months after the conclusion of the application process. If an employment contract is concluded or there is an interest in extending the retention period, we will inform you separately about the use of your data in the employment relationship or obtain your consent to extend the retention period.

6. Security

We take technical and organizational security measures in order to protect your information managed by us from being tampered with, lost, destroyed, or accessed by unauthorized individuals. We are continuously improving our security measures in line with technological advancements.

7. Legal Foundations for Processing

(a) If you have given us your consent to process your personal data, then that is the legal foundation for processing it (Art. 6, Paragraph 1, letter a of the GDPR).

(b) Art. 6, Paragraph 1, letter b of the GDPR is the legal basis for processing personal data for the purpose of entering into a contact or performing a contract with you.

(c) If processing your personal data is required to fulfill our legal obligations (e.g. data retention), we are authorized to do so by Art. 6, Paragraph 1, letter c of the GDPR.

(d) Furthermore, we process personal data for purposes of protecting our legitimate interests as well as the interests of third parties in accordance with Art. 6, Paragraph 1, letter f of the GDPR. Examples of such legitimate interests include maintaining the functionality of our IT systems as well as the marketing of our products and services and those of third parties and the legally required documentation of business contacts.

8. Deleting Your Personal Data

Your IP address and the name of your Internet service provider, which we store for security reasons only, will be deleted after seven days. Moreover, we delete your personal data as soon as the purpose for which it was collected and processed has been fulfilled. Storage beyond that time takes place only if required by the laws, regulations or other legal provisions of the European Union or a member state of the European Union that apply to us.

9. Rights of Data Subjects

(a) As a data subject affected by data processing, you have the right to information (Article 15 GDPR), correction (Article 16 GDPR), deletion (Article 17 GDPR), restricted processing (Article 18 GDPR), and data transferability (Article 20 GDPR).

If you have consented to the processing of your personal data by us, you have the right to revoke your consent at any time. Your revocation does not affect the legality of the processing of your personal data that took place before your consent was revoked. It also has no effect on the continued processing of the information on another legal basis, such as to fulfill legal obligations (see section titled "Legal Foundation of Processing").

(b) Right of Objection: For reasons relating to your particular situation, you have the right to file an objection at any time to processing of personal data pertaining to you that is collected under Article 6, Paragraph 1 e) GDPR (data processing in the public interest) or Article 6, Paragraph 1 f) GDPR (data processing on the basis of a balance of interests). If you file an objection, we will continue to process your personal data only if we can document mandatory, legitimate reasons that outweigh your interests, rights and freedoms, or if processing is for the assertion, exercise or defense of legal claims.

(c) If possible, please direct your claims or declarations to the following contact address:

(d) If you are of the opinion that the processing of your personal data is in breach of the law, you have the right to lodge a complaint with a responsible data protection authority (Article 77 GDPR).

10. Cookies

Information about the cookies we use and their functions:

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Mercedes ServiceCard only uses cookies when they are technically necessary.

Cookies are small files that are stored on your device. They can be used to determine whether there has been any contact between us and your end device in the past. Only the cookie on your device is identified. Personal data can be stored in cookies if you have provided your consent or this is absolutely necessary for technical reasons to fulfill the contract, e.g. to enable secure login.

By using our website, you consent to the use and storage of cookies on your end device. However, you can also view our website without cookies. Most browsers accept cookies automatically. You can prevent cookies from being saved on your end device by setting your browser to not accept cookies. You can delete cookies stored on your end device at any time. The exact instructions for how to do this can be found in the manual for your browser or end device.

Information about deactivating local shared objects

If you choose not to accept cookies, it may result in reduced availability of the services provided on our website.

Mercedes ServiceCard GmbH & Co. KG generally divides cookies into the following categories:

Essential cookies (type 1)
These cookies are essential for websites and their features to work properly. Without these cookies, services such as the vehicle configurator may be disabled.

Functional cookies (type 2)
These cookies enable us to improve the usability and performance of websites and to provide various features. Functional cookies can store language settings, for example.

Performance cookies (type 3)
These cookies collect information about how you use websites. For example, performance cookies help us to identify especially popular areas of our website. In this way, we can adapt the content of our website more specifically to your needs and thereby improve what we offer you. These cookies do not collect personal data. Further details on how the information is collected and analyzed can be found in the section "Analysis of usage data".

Third-party cookies (type 4)
These cookies are installed by third parties, e.g. social networks. Their main purpose is to integrate social media content on our site, such as social plugins. Information about how we use social plugins can be found in the "Social Plugins" section of the privacy statement.

Last update: December 2021